Drug Discovery

In recent years we have witnessed a flurry of activity to develop non-dietary therapies for celiac disease. While the road to drug development is long, expensive, and uncertain, there are multiple promising avenues of research that have already led to clinical trials.

In November 2010, March 2014, and March 2018, the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University hosted the international conference on the development of therapies for celiac disease.  The conferences were a resounding success!

The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University is participating in multiple programs and trials involving drug development. The recruiting process for these studies varies. In some studies, we invite patients at the time of their in-person visit at the center. For other studies, we may send recruitment announcements to our email list or post a notice on our website.

We are currently enrolling patients in Phase II drug studies. If you are interested, please contact Maria Teresa Minaya mtm2111@columbia.edu.