Your initial visit with the nutritionist is an important first step in the management of celiac disease.  However, it is only the first step.  Continued follow up visits are the cornerstone of your overall nutrition therapy.  In the follow up visits the nutritionist will review with you the most recent lab values for antibodies, vitamin and mineral levels, check your weight and make any adjustments to the diet recommendations to meet these nutritional needs.  In addition to reviewing your recent blood work, the nutritionist will review your new dietary pattern, checking for any potential cross contamination, reviewing products, medications and any supplements you are using.  The nutritionist will also check to see if you have questions on label reading, dining out strategies, or planning for school, camp or the family vacation. The follow up visits also provide you the opportunity to ask more questions about the gluten free diet and how to adapt it to your individual lifestyle.

After your first consult with the nutritionist, it is recommended that you follow up in three months and six months.  After the 6 month follow up appointment an annual follow up is recommended.

Anne R. Lee, EdD, RDN, LD, Instructor in Nutrition Medicine is the Celiac Disease Center’s nutritionist. Dr. Lee is one of a handful of experts in the United States on nutritional management on celiac disease. Please call the clinical office directly (212) 305-5590 to schedule a nutritional consultation.

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