Our center has contributed more than 100 peer-reviewed publications on celiac disease to the medical literature.
Some of our more recent publications are listed below.


Three papers indicate that amount of gluten play a role for celiac disease - But only a minor role Download PDF Format
Anesthesia Assistance in Screening Colonoscopy and Adenoma Detection Rate Among Trainees Download PDF Format
Reducing the Immunogenic Potential of Wheat Flour: Silencing of Alpha Gliadin Genes in a U.S. Wheat Cultivar Download PDF Format
Frequency and Predictors of Successful Transition of Care for Young Adults With Childhood Celiac Disease Download PDF Format
Identification of a γc Receptor Antagonist That Prevents Reprogramming of Human Tissue-resident Cytotoxic T Cells by IL15 and IL21 Download PDF Format


Capsule Endoscopy and Enteroscopy in Celiac Disease. Lewis SK, Semrad CE Download PDF Format
Adverse events associated with colonoscopy; an examination of online concerns Download PDF Format
Genetic and phenotypic characterization of indolent T-cell lymphoproliferative disorders of the gastrointestinal tract Download PDF Format
The Microbiome in Celiac Disease Download PDF Format
Utilization Rate of Helicobacter pylori Immunohistochemistry Is Not Associated With the Diagnostic Rate of Helicobacter pylori Infection Download PDF Format
The Effect of Midyear Report Cards on Colonoscopy Quality Measures Download PDF Format
Temporal Trends and Risk Factors for Postcolonoscopy Colorectal Cancer Download PDF Format
Substantial Increase in Anesthesia Assistance for Outpatient Colonoscopy and Associated Cost Nationwide Download PDF Format
Safety and efficacy of AMG 714 in patients with type 2 refractory coeliac disease a phase 2a, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study Download PDF Format
Development of an online public health curriculum for medical students the public health commute Download PDF Format